The umbrella ladies

These ladies have been walking around the streets of Aachen since 1818, offering their umbrellas to passers-by on rainy days.

The custom began with two women named Anna Schmitz and Maria König, who were known as “the umbrella ladies”. They sold umbrellas for a living, but also offered them free of charge to those who needed it most – elderly people or children out in the rain without protection from the elements. This generous act quickly caught on among other residents of Aachen, and soon there were dozens of umbrella ladies roaming the streets helping anyone they could find shelter from bad weather conditions.

Today, this tradition continues, with modern-day versions of Anna Schmitz and Maria König still wandering around town during inclement weather days carrying colourful umbrellas for anyone in need. It has become an integral part of Aachen’s culture that locals look forward to seeing each time it rains; these women are seen as symbols of kindness, generosity, and hospitality that make up life in this wonderful city.

Though times have changed since 1818 when The Umbrella Ladies first started their work in Aachen, one thing remains true: they are still here today doing what they do best – providing comfort and protection from bad weather conditions while bringing joy to people all over town.

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