Statue of King René

This iconic monument stands as a reminder of the city’s rich and vibrant history.

King René was born in 1409 and reigned over Provence from 1434 until his death in 1480. He was an important figure during this period, playing an integral role in strengthening the region’s economy, culture and political landscape. During his reign he also established several universities throughout Provence which are still functioning today.

The Statue of King René is located on Cours Mirabeau, one of Aix-en-Provence’s most famous landmarks. The bronze sculpture depicts a seated King René holding a sceptre with his left hand while pointing towards the horizon with his right hand – symbolizing both power and vision for the future. It was designed by sculptor Paul Bony, who wanted to pay tribute to all that King René had achieved for Provence during his lifetime.

In addition to being an iconic monument within Aix-en-Provence itself, it has become popular among tourists visiting France due to its picturesque setting surrounded by trees and fountains along Cours Mirabeau promenade walkway as well as its proximity to other attractions such as La Rotonde fountain just steps away from it.