The King’s Square

Located at the heart of Barcelona, it has been a witness to many important historical events throughout its long history. The square was originally built by King Alfonso I of Aragon during his reign between 1162 and 1196. It served as an open-air court where justice was dispensed to citizens who had committed minor infractions or crimes.

At that time, it was known as Plaza del Rei (King’s Square) due to its royal origin, but over time it has become better known simply as La Plaza Reial (The Royal Plaza). Today, this historic square is still home to numerous buildings from different eras, including Gothic palaces from the 15th century and neoclassical structures from the 19th century. There are also several monuments, such as a statue dedicated to Christopher Columbus, which stands proudly at one end of the square.

Aside from its rich history, The King’s Square is also popular among locals and tourists alike for its vibrant atmosphere thanks to many cafés, restaurants, and bars which line up along both sides of the plaza offering delicious local cuisine and drinks for all tastes. On weekends especially there can be live music performances taking place here too, so visitors can enjoy some great entertainment while they relax with friends or family after exploring some of Barcelona’s iconic attractions nearby such as Las Ramblas or La Boqueria Market just steps away from The King’s Square.

In addition, this lively spot hosts various cultural events throughout each year like concerts, festivals, and exhibitions, making it even more interesting for those visiting Barcelona looking for something special during their stay here.

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