Sterntor city gate

Located on the west side of the city centre, this beautiful landmark was built in 1737 and has since become an integral part of Bonn’s history.

The gate stands tall at nearly 20 meters high and consists of two towers connected by an archway. It is one of four gates that were once used to protect the city from invaders back in medieval times. The other three gates have since been demolished, but Sterntor remains standing as a reminder of Bonn’s past.

Sterntor served as an important symbol throughout its history. During World War II it was used by Nazi soldiers as they marched into battle, while during the Cold War it became a checkpoint between East and West Germany before eventually being opened up after reunification in 1989. Today, it serves more as a tourist attraction than anything else, with visitors flocking to take photos or simply admire its beauty from afar.

The gate itself features intricate carvings including lions, eagles, and stars which are said to represent strength and courage – qualities that have helped keep this iconic structure standing for centuries despite numerous wars and conflicts over time. Additionally, there are several sculptures located around the gate which depict various scenes from German folklore, such as stories about fairies or giants who were believed to inhabit local forests nearby long ago.

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