Carlos I of Portugal Statue

One of the most impressive sights in Cascais is the statue of King Carlos I, which stands proudly at the entrance to the city. The statue was constructed in 1903, and it serves as a reminder of Portugal’s long history and its royal heritage.

The bronze sculpture depicts King Carlos I mounted on his horse, with his right arm raised towards heaven. It was created by renowned sculptor António Soares dos Reis and symbolizes both power and strength. Standing 8 meters high, it dominates the landscape with its imposing presence. The pedestal features four allegorical figures representing Justice, Strength, Wisdom, and Prudence – all virtues associated with good government during this period of Portuguese history.

King Carlos I reigned from 1889 until 1908 when he was assassinated by two republicans while traveling through Lisbon’s Rossio Square station. He had been an unpopular ruler due to his authoritarian style, but despite this he remains one of Portugal’s most beloved monarchs thanks to his dedication to modernizing infrastructure such as roads, railways, telegraph lines and canals throughout the country during his reign.

Today visitors can pay their respects at the monument which has become an iconic landmark within Cascais since it was erected over 100 years ago.

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