Saint-Martin church

Located on Place de la Cathédrale, it’s a stunning example of Gothic architecture that dates back to 1235. The church was built as a symbol of religious devotion and has since become an integral part of Colmar’s history and culture.

At first glance, Saint-Martin Church appears to be quite small compared to other churches in Europe due to its modest size. However, upon closer inspection, you will find that this charming building is filled with intricate details and unique features that make it truly special. From its stained-glass windows depicting biblical scenes to its ornate sculptures adorning its walls and ceilings, there are plenty of interesting sights for visitors to explore inside the church.

The exterior facade also offers some fascinating elements, including two large towers which were added during the 15th century renovation period, along with three rose windows which feature impressive stone carvings from various periods throughout history. In addition, there are four statues located around the entrance representing St Martin (the patron saint), St John the Baptist (the patron saint of Colmar), Mary Magdalene (the patroness) and St Peter (patron saint).

Inside Saint-Martin Church you can admire some beautiful artwork such as paintings by local artist Hans Baldung Grien or take a look at historical artefacts like ancient books and manuscripts from centuries past. Additionally, visitors can attend regular services held here every Sunday morning or take part in special events such as weddings or baptisms held within these hallowed walls each year.

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