Royal Stables

Built in 1750 by King Charles III and designed by renowned architect Ventura Rodríguez, these stables were once home to some of the greatest horses in Europe.

The Royal Stables are a testament to Spanish architecture and design. The building is constructed with brick walls and decorated with ornate sculptures such as an equestrian statue of King Charles III himself. Inside you’ll find two large courtyards where many horses were kept over the years, along with several smaller rooms used for grooming and other horse-related activities.

Today, visitors can explore this historic site on guided tours that offer insight into its history and significance to Spanish culture during its heyday. You can also view artefacts from the period including saddles, bridles, stirrups and more which have been carefully preserved for posterity. Visitors will also learn about how important horsemanship was to Spanish society at that time; it was considered a mark of honour among nobility to be able to ride well, so many families had their own personal stables dedicated solely to training their children or servants in riding skills.

In addition to exploring the building itself, visitors can take part in various activities related directly or indirectly to horses, such as carriage rides around town or even taking lessons on how they best care for them if they wish. Of course, no visit would be complete without trying out one of Córdoba’s famous dishes: rabo de toro (bull tail stew). This traditional dish is served at many local restaurants throughout town, but nothing compares quite like tasting it fresh from one of Córdoba’s own royal stables.

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