Old District Court

Located in the heart of Germany’s third-largest city, it is an architectural gem and an important piece of history.

Built in 1790 by architect Johann Conrad Schlaun, the court was designed to be a grand structure with ornate decorations and intricate details. The building features two wings, each containing seven rooms, which are connected by a central staircase leading up to its impressive dome roof. Inside you can find many beautiful paintings from renowned artists such as Anton von Werner and Adolf Menzel. It also includes several unique sculptures depicting ancient gods like Apollo and Zeus – all created by celebrated sculptor Ernst Herter during his lifetime.

Today, this iconic landmark serves as both a museum and courthouse for local legal proceedings. Visitors can explore its rich history through guided tours or simply take in its beauty from outside while admiring its stunning facade made up of red sandstone blocks decorated with Corinthian columns at the entranceway.

The Old District Court is one of Düsseldorf’s most beloved attractions due to its historical significance and cultural value for locals who have lived there for generations. Its importance dates back centuries when it served as the seat of justice for hundreds of years until it was eventually closed down after World War II due to extensive damage caused by bombings during that period. After being restored to its original glory, visitors today can still appreciate what makes this place so special – not only because they get to experience how life used to be, but also because they learn about their city’s vibrant past along with some interesting facts about German law too.

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