Saint Maurice

Located in the heart of the city, Saint Maurice has been around since Roman times and continues to be a popular spot for tourists today.

The area surrounding Saint Maurice is filled with history and culture, making it one of the most interesting places to visit in Lille. The church itself dates back to 1066 when it was founded by Count Baldwin IV as part of his efforts to bring Christianity into Flanders. It was originally built as a Benedictine monastery, but later became known as an abbey after being taken over by Cistercians from Clairvaux Abbey in 1204. Throughout its long history, the building has seen numerous renovations and additions, including two towers added during the 17th century which still stand today.

Inside you can find stunning examples of Gothic architecture along with several important artefacts such as stained-glass windows depicting scenes from both Old Testament stories and saints’ lives, statues representing various religious figures, frescoes on some walls, altars decorated with gold leafing, and more. There are also many sculptures located throughout the grounds which were created by local artists over time.

Visitors can also enjoy exploring some of Saint Maurice’s other features such as its gardens which contain rare plants like lilies or roses that have been cultivated here for centuries; its library where you can find old manuscripts dating back hundreds of years; or even take part in events held at this unique site such as concerts or art exhibitions organized regularly throughout the year.

If you want to explore all that this amazing place has to offer, then make sure you plan your trip accordingly so that you don’t miss out on anything.

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