Rua Augusta Arch

This iconic arch stands proudly at the top of Praça do Comércio and serves as an impressive reminder of Lisbon’s illustrious past.

The Rua Augusta Arch was built to commemorate the reconstruction of Lisbon after it was destroyed by a massive earthquake in 1755. It took almost 20 years to complete this grand project, which began with its foundation stone being laid on June 24th, 1775. The arch is decorated with sculptures that depict scenes from Portugal’s history, such as Vasco da Gama’s voyage around Africa or King John IV receiving Portuguese independence from Spain.

At night, this majestic structure lights up and provides visitors with an even more spectacular view than during daytime hours. On either side of the arch stand two statues: one representing Glory and another depicting Freedom; both are symbols of hope for future generations that have been inspired by those who came before them.

On top of all these features, there are also several shops located beneath the Rua Augusta Arch where tourists can purchase souvenirs or try some local delicacies like Pastel de Nata (Portuguese custard tart). Additionally, if you make your way down towards Tejo River, you will find numerous restaurants offering traditional Portuguese cuisine accompanied by stunning views over Tagus riverfront – making it a perfect spot for romantic dinners.

In short, no trip to Lisbon would be complete without visiting this historic landmark – so don’t forget to add it to your itinerary.

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