The Hans Sachs Marriage Carousel fountain

One of the most iconic landmarks in the city is The Hans Sachs Marriage Carousel fountain, which has been an integral part of Nuremberg’s landscape since 1894.

The structure was designed by renowned sculptor Johann Baptist Schraudolph to commemorate Hans Sachs, a famous 16th-century poet and playwright from Nuremberg who wrote over 4,000 works during his lifetime. It stands at 11 meters tall and features four bronze figures depicting couples in wedding attire atop horses that circle around the central column. Atop this column sits a figure of Sachs himself holding a lyre and surrounded by cherubs playing musical instruments.

The carousel rotates slowly as water cascades down its sides into an ornate basin below it. A popular attraction among tourists visiting Nuremberg, the fountain serves as both a symbol of love between two people and also pays tribute to one of Nuremberg’s most beloved historical figures – Hans Sachs himself. In addition to being an impressive feat of engineering, it also provides visitors with insight into local culture through its intricate design details such as traditional costumes worn by the sculptures or symbols like roses that represent fidelity between partners in marriage.

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