Porta da Vila (Main Gate of Óbidos)

It was built in 1598 by D. Francisco de Almeida as part of a project to fortify the walled city. The entrance consists of two towers connected by a large archway with four coats-of-arms decorating its sides.

The gate has served as both an entry point and defensive structure throughout its centuries-long existence. In times past it was used to keep out unwanted visitors while also providing access for those who sought permission to enter the city walls. Today, Porta da Vila still stands tall at 25 meters high and serves as one of Óbidos’ most recognizable landmarks.

In addition to its military purpose, Porta da Vila has been used for several other purposes over time, including hosting public events such as bullfights or horse races during festivals like Easter or Corpus Christi Day celebrations, which are held annually in Óbidos every June 13th. It has even been used on occasion for theatrical performances.

Visitors can take advantage of guided tours that offer insight into the rich history behind this iconic landmark, learning about its original construction date along with other interesting facts about how it has evolved over time through various renovations and restorations made throughout different eras – from medieval ages all the way up until modern day where it remains standing strong today.

Whether you’re visiting Óbidos simply out of curiosity or looking for a unique cultural experience, be sure not to miss out on seeing this impressive piece of architecture.

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