Prison’s Arch House

It was built in 1575 by D. Francisco de Noronha e Brito, who was the governor of Óbidos at that time. The house has been carefully preserved over the centuries and still retains much of its original charm and character.

The main feature of Prison’s Arch House is its imposing archway entrance, which gives it an air of grandeur and mystery. This impressive gateway leads to a large courtyard surrounded by beautiful gardens filled with lush vegetation and colourful flowers. Inside the house there are several rooms decorated with antiques, paintings, tapestries, furniture, and other traditional artefacts from Portuguese history.

There is also a museum on-site which houses an interesting collection of items related to prison life during medieval times such as shackles, chains, weapons used for torture or execution as well as documents relating to prisoners’ cases throughout history. Visitors can learn more about this fascinating part of Portuguese history while exploring these exhibits in detail.

In addition to its historical significance, Prison’s Arch House offers visitors plenty to do during their visit including guided tours around the property where they can explore all areas inside the house such as bedrooms, bathrooms and living quarters as well as learn more about its rich past through interactive displays featuring audiovisual materials from different periods in time. There is also a café on-site serving delicious snacks made using locally sourced ingredients plus wine tastings available upon request, so visitors can truly immerse themselves into local culture whilst enjoying some refreshments too.

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