Saint-Jacques Tower

Built in 1523, it was originally part of a larger structure known as the Church of Saint-Jacques de la Boucherie. This church was destroyed during the French Revolution and only its bell tower remains today.

The tower stands at a height of 77 meters (252 feet) and is one of two remaining structures from this former church. It has become an important symbol for Parisians, with many considering it to be their “guardian angel” due to its impressive size and presence overlooking much of central Paris. The view from atop this tower offers visitors stunning views across the cityscape, including glimpses into some well-known attractions such as Notre Dame Cathedral and Eiffel Tower.

The design of Saint-Jacques Tower consists mainly out of brickwork, which gives it an almost gothic feel, despite being built during Renaissance times by architect Jean Delamarre in 1523. The steeple features four levels, topped off with a lantern that can be seen glowing brightly on clear nights throughout Paris’ skyline – making it one of many reasons why people come to visit this spectacular landmark each year.

Inside you will find winding stone stairs leading up to different viewing platforms where visitors can get even closer looks at some famous monuments around them or simply take in panoramic views over all parts of town. There are also several sculptures adorning walls within these staircases; they depict various scenes related to Christianity such as Jesus carrying his cross or St Peter holding keys – adding further history lessons along your journey up towards the topmost platform where bells chime out every hour on hour intervals since 1611 when they were first installed here too.

Visiting Saint Jacques Tower is a must for any visitor who wants to experience true French culture while exploring what remains from centuries past.

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