Lello Bookshop [Livraria Lello]

Established in 1906 by two brothers, José and António Lello, it quickly became one of the most important bookshops in all of Europe.

The unique architectural design of the building was created by architect Xavier Esteves and has become a symbol of Porto’s culture. The interior features an impressive staircase with red velvet banisters that lead to an upper level adorned with stained-glass windows and ornate wood carvings. This opulence gives visitors the feeling they have stepped back into another era when books were truly treasured objects.

The selection at Livraria Lello is vast and includes everything from classic literature to modern bestsellers, as well as textbooks and Portuguese language titles. There are also several rare editions housed here, which makes it a great place to find something special for your collection or just browse through interesting selections you may not find elsewhere.

In addition to its extensive library offerings, Livraria Lello also hosts regular events such as author readings, lectures on various topics related to literature, poetry recitals and more, making it a vibrant centre for literary life in Porto. It’s no wonder then that this iconic bookshop has been visited by authors like J. K. Rowling, who reportedly drew inspiration from its stunning architecture when writing her Harry Potter series.

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