Monument de Taschereau

It was unveiled on June 24th, 1871, and stands as a reminder of the city’s history.

Located at the corner of Rue Saint-Louis and Grande Allée Est in Old Quebec, this impressive monument features an imposing statue of Louis-Joseph Papineau atop an impressive base made from local stone. Standing almost 10 meters tall (33 feet), it is one of the most iconic monuments in all of Quebec City.

Atop the base are four figures representing different aspects of life during Papineau’s reign: Justice with her scales; Peace holding an olive branch; Work with his tools; and Liberty wearing a Phrygian cap. There are also two bronze plaques that feature inscriptions highlighting his accomplishments while serving as Mayor from 1845 to 1850, including improving public works infrastructure such as roads, sewers, markets and bridges throughout the city.

The sculptor responsible for creating this masterpiece was Pierre-Noël Levasseur who worked closely with architect Eugène Taché to bring their vision to life. The project took three years to complete before it was finally opened for public viewing on June 24th 1871 – which happened to be Papineau’s birthday. This day has since been celebrated annually by locals in honour of him and his contributions towards making Quebec City what it is today.

Monument de Taschereau continues to stand tall over 150 years later as a symbol of pride for all those living in or visiting Québec City – reminding them not only about its rich history but also how far it has come since then.

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