The Fountain Square

Located in the heart of the old town, this beautiful square was once an important public space for locals to gather and socialize.

The origin of this majestic square dates back to 1171 when King Alfonso I built a fountain here as part of his plan to improve Tarragona’s water supply system. The original fountain was destroyed by fire in 1717, but it was soon replaced with another one that still stands today. It is believed that its design was inspired by classical Roman architecture and features four large columns topped with ornate lion heads spouting water into a central basin below.

Surrounding the fountain are some of Tarragona’s oldest buildings, including La Casa del Deán (the Dean’s House), El Palau de la Diputació (the Provincial Palace) and La Lonja Mercantil de Tarragona (the Commercial Exchange). These buildings were constructed between 1640-1670 during Spain’s Golden Age, making them some of the finest examples of Baroque architecture in Europe.

Today, Fountain Square remains an important gathering place for locals and visitors alike who come here to enjoy its vibrant atmosphere or take part in any number of events throughout the year such as concerts, festivals or street markets which often fill up this historic plaza with music and laughter.

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