Marquis of Dos Aguas Palace

Built between 1737 and 1771, this lavish palace was the home of the powerful Dukes of Dos Aguas for centuries. It has been lovingly restored to its former glory and now serves as an important cultural institution in the city.

The palace is filled with beautiful architectural details from its period, including elaborate frescoes depicting scenes from mythology and history. The grand main staircase features stunning sculptures by renowned Italian sculptor Giovanni Battista Tiepolo while the exquisite rococo-style ballroom features impressive crystal chandeliers imported from Venice. Other highlights include the marble flooring throughout much of the building, ornate fireplaces adorned with gilded woodwork and intricate carvings on doors and windowsills.

In addition to admiring its beauty, visitors can also explore many galleries within the palace which showcase works by some of Spain’s most famous painters such as Bartolomé Esteban Murillo or Diego Velázquez de Silva y Velázquez among others. There are also numerous historical artefacts on display that tell stories about Spanish culture during this time period, such as furniture pieces crafted out of ebony wood or porcelain vases decorated with floral motifs.

Marquis dos Aguas Palace is not only a great place to admire art, but it’s also one of Valencia’s best spots for learning more about Spanish history through guided tours around its halls and gardens conducted by knowledgeable guides who will explain each detail along your journey through time.

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