Vancouver Public Library

Established in 1869, it has been serving the city’s residents for over 150 years. It is located at 350 West Georgia Street and features a stunning Edwardian building with an impressive façade that rises above the surrounding downtown area.

The library was originally established as a subscription library by Reverend Alexander Ewen and his wife Mary Jane Ewen, who had recently moved to Vancouver from Ontario. The first collection consisted of just 500 books, but the couple quickly saw its potential to become something greater. In 1876 they opened up their own bookshop on Cordova Street before eventually moving into their current location on Georgia Street in 1895.

Today, Vancouver Public Library operates across 21 branches throughout the city, offering books and other resources to more than 2 million visitors each year. Its main branch boasts more than 1 million items including books, magazines, newspapers, music CDs, DVDs and digital materials like e-books and audio downloads. There are also special collections such as local history archives featuring records about people who lived in Vancouver during the late 19th century through to early 20th century; Aboriginal language materials; genealogy resources; rare maps; children’s literature; fiction collections from around world; visual artworks from local artists ;and much more.

In addition to its extensive collection of physical materials available for borrowing or viewing within its walls (or online), VPL also offers plenty of programming options suitable for all ages – ranging from story times for toddlers right through to adult education classes covering topics such as web design or computer skills workshops. Visitors can even take part in guided tours led by knowledgeable staff members which provide insight into some of VPL’s oldest treasures (such as historic photographs) or explore some of its unique architecture features like stained glass windows dating back over 100 years old.

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