Waterfront Station

Located on the north shore of Burrard Inlet, it has been a hub for transportation since its opening in 1914. Since then, Waterfront Station has become an integral part of life for many locals and visitors alike.

Originally built as a railway station by Canadian Pacific Railway, Waterfront Station was designed to serve both passenger trains and freight traffic from across Canada. The building’s Edwardian Baroque Revival style makes it stand out among other buildings in downtown Vancouver with its grand entranceway featuring two large stone columns supporting an ornate clock tower at the peak. Inside, passengers are greeted with high ceilings adorned with chandeliers that have become part of its charm over time.

In 1979, Waterfront Station underwent major renovations when SkyTrain service began operating through it; this marked the beginning of its transformation into a multi-modal transit hub serving buses and SeaBus ferries as well as rail services such as West Coast Express commuter rail line and Rocky Mountaineer tourist train line. Today, more than 40 million passengers board or disembark at Waterfront Station each year making it one of busiest public spaces in Canada.

Aside from being a bustling transport hub, Waterfront Station is also home to several shops including souvenir stores where tourists can buy gifts for their friends back home or pick up some snacks before heading off on their journey; there are also restaurants located within walking distance from the station offering everything from fast food to fine dining options so no matter what you’re craving you’ll find something nearby.

From its humble beginnings over 100 years ago to becoming one of Vancouver’s most important hubs today – Waterfront Station is truly an icon that stands out amongst all else.

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